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The Kimura Soap concept, taking your own soap to class, started in the winter 2018. I was in between jobs and was training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at multiple schools in New Jersey and New York. Showering after class is important because of the close contact aspects of the sport and the variety of training partners one encounters. There are all kinds of unpleasant bacteria’s and harmful microbe’s one can be exposed to, so hygiene after class is important (my wife has kicked me out of bed more than once for some unknown skin issue I brought home from training). When I was traveling to different academies and studios, I felt I needed to arrive prepared and not rely on the soap provided. What I needed was my own travel soap.

After learning about different soaps and bringing my own high-quality soap to class, I realized there was a need for quality soap for the BJJ and Yoga community. I wanted to use and share a soap that was naturally made, ethically sourced, included organic ingredients and that utilized nature’s natural cleaning properties. This is the birth story of Kimura Soap.

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